Victoria and Jonathon got married at Gate Street Barn in June 2019. Their day was filled with the talented Groom’s hand crafted creations; from designing woodwork for the ceremony, brewing the beer for the reception and even cooking up hot sauce for the meal!

It all came together to create a unique and handmade wedding like no other. Read on to see the personal touches that made their wedding so special and learn how they managed it all.

“Seeing the Barn set up after two years of planning and then seeing everyone sat down with the incredible food, all arranged on the centrepieces as we had planned, was amazing.

Watching all of our close friends and family enjoying themselves, knowing they were all here for us, was a very special moment.”

Gate Street Barn

“It was important to us to give our day a personal touch and we wanted everything to look rustic and natural.

We decided to build our own flower arch and centre pieces with branches and logs sourced from our local woods which we styled with ferns, eucalyptus and garden flowers.

We wanted to make the day as informal as possible and it was important to us for everyone to feel comfortable. Gate Street Barn’s cool and relaxed style fitted with our theme.

Between us we have worked as staff on close to a thousand weddings at a hotel where we met and we wanted something different from that.”

The Inspiration

Jonathon had built items for other people’s weddings and small pieces of furniture for their home.

While there was a learning curve, he knew he could expand these skills and push himself to create beautiful bespoke pieces for their own wedding. The style was developed from the initial invites and of course Pinterest offered some handy inspiration!

The Hand Crafted Details

“We used a lot of wood in our designs; the centre pieces, the flower arch, the name cards, the barrel for the dart board and the pop-up bar. We styled that out with a lot of greenery and foliage in line with the natural theme.

I used a reclaimed 40 year old whiskey barrel which I refurbed into a whiskey cabinet and dart board stand for the day.

Aside from the woodwork, we made the bottled beer “Ultimate Pinch Saison Ale” and two kinds of BBQ sauce for the tables as well as all the stationary.

The preparation of the whiskey barrel and turning that into a liquor cabinet was probably the hardest job. The wood from the barrel needed to be kept taught and as soon as you cut the door out it sprung apart, so needed to be braced.

We also learned that cutting the top off a barrel, sanding it down and spray painting your initials on not only makes a great logo for the bar but also a really nice piece of wall art!”

While we loved building all the elements leading up to the wedding, we also soon realised that we had given ourselves a lot to do! I would recommend trying not to take on more than you can chew as the planning process should be fun and not add to your stress.

Make a point during the day to take time to appreciate all the details and hard work you have put in. The details may be for your guests but it’s nice to see people enjoying the fruits of your labour.

Walking into the bar and seeing everyone on either the table football, the retro games and what looked like a giant tournament of darts in the bottom corner, really made some of the hard work feel like it paid off.

The Flowers

Our florist was Ribbon and Rose Events Styling and she did an amazing job.  Despite our lack of knowledge of flowers, she knew exactly what we were aiming to achieve and brought our theme to life perfectly.

The Food

I don’t remember having any canapes as it was a bit of a blur, but I heard they were amazing, “the best they had ever had” was said by some.

The American BBQ wasn’t the usual way they would cater a wedding, but we had a clear idea of how we wanted the meal to be and Tandem did an amazing job in “catering” to our needs.

Tinderbox pizzas in the evening turned out to be a ridiculously good idea and went down really well.

The Cake

Instead of a traditional wedding cake we opted for a tower of brownies provided by Tandem.

This also took the place of a seated dessert and helped keep the day flowing. At the same time, we had an ice cream truck provided by Victoria’s Ice cream cart!

The Band

Rollercoaster the band were great! The fiddle player in particular was amazing. He was able to learn an unusual song for the ceremony given just a weeks’ notice and performed it perfectly!

The Photographer

Our photographer was Scott Reeve at Blackbird photography. We would highly recommend him as a great guy who took great photos.

Supplier Credits

Photography – Blackbird Photography –

Catering – Tandem Catering –

Florist – Ribbons and Rose Event Styling –

Evening Food – Tinderbox Pizzas –

Band – Rollercoaster –

Games – Made by the couple!

Venue – Gate Street Barn –